PWM to Voltage Spindle Speed Controller

PWM to Voltage Spindle Speed Controller

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The easiest PC based CNC Spindle speed control.

This board takes a TTL level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) input signal and converts it to an analog voltage signal anywhere between 0-30V.  The output can be used to drive a motor controller or Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).  The analog output signal is proportional to the PWM input signal.  The max voltage is adjustable with a potentiometer on the board.

NOTE: This controller has successfully been used on the following Spindle Drivers:

MC-60 (Common Treadmill Controller)

FC350BJ (One of the controllers used in the Sieg X2)

It was unsuccessfully used in the XMT-1135.

I don’t have access to many of the motor drivers on the market, therefore, you need to research your specific application to ensure this will work for you.

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  • From Breakout Board: PWM up to 1000 Hz

  • From Breakout Board: V+

  • From Breakout Board: GND

  • From Power Supply: 38V Max


  • 0-30 V analog signal (max depending on input voltage and settings)

  • Analog signal reference GND

Note 1: This board does not provide an ENABLE signal. If your motor controller requires it, you will need an external switch.

Note 2: This board is Version 1.  As a Thank You to those that support me early on by purchasing these, I will provide a Version 2 board for the difference in price only.  It should be roughly $10 more and have 2 separate relays controlled by TTL, and a series of other features and improvements.  More to come!

1. Most of the import motor controllers operate at 115VAC. Unplug everything before installation. If you are not qualified to install this part, find someone who is.
2. This board is optically isolated from the Breakout Board. Do Not share a power supply or a ground with any other component.
3. The GND pin on the input screw terminal is NOT connected to the GND on the output screw terminal. Do NOT probe between input and output pins.
4. Always ensure spindle power is switched off when powering the CNC controller Up and Down.