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Enabling Innovation

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How I do Business:

I started Rival Machining because I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to do them MY way. I believe in the simplicity of doing business with a handshake (even if it is through cyberspace) and delivering on my promises to you. I pride myself on being responsive and providing the best customer service possible.


Customer service

I have a responsibility to always meet or exceed your expectations. I strive to get it right the first time, but if somethings not right, I’ll make it right with you. I treat every job like my first.



Before I machine your parts, we will discuss details like surface finishes, tolerances, and lead times to make sure you will receive what you asked for.

Responsible to the Environment

I recycle all applicable waste materials and use approved waste disposal methods for used chemicals. I also try to reuse clean and like new packing materials.

Note: You may request new packing materials at no extra cost.


Proud first robotics Sponsor

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My passion is making innovative prototypes, and small production runs to bring your ideas to life.  I started in 2017 with a bench top 3-axis CNC mill and have continually expanded my equipment and skill sets since day one. I am working to master all aspects of milling to give you my very best work on every order. I strive to become a reliable name in the machining industry and eventually plan to manufacture parts with a focus on high performance road racing.

I envision reducing prototyping costs which typically prohibit entrepreneurs from making their ideas into a reality. My business model is built on keeping operating costs low which enables me to provide services at a low price.



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Join me through all the growing pains as I learn to navigate the world of business as well as machining at the same time. My videos cover the new equipment I purchase, projects I am working on, specific machining tasks, and various aspects of managing a machine shop.